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Where do I start?

The first  step in building your DIY mattress is finding a mattress that you like, either on line, or in a mattress store where you have actually experienced the comfort.  The second step is to revisit DIYMattress.com and build that mattress with  premium components that are in that mattress. You can pick from our mimic list for online and for instore mattresses you can chat, call, or email for help in building a mattress.

What are component choices?

We offer the components necessary to build a premium mattress, but at a fraction of the cost. These components are:

  • Pocketed encased coils or high density foam (HD) for support
  • Natural latex foam for comfort (either Dunlop or Talalay processed)
  • Zipper quilted organic cotton covers           There are decisions to be made when setting out to build your own mattress.
Do I need a Topper?

The answer to the question is determined by what you are trying to accomplish. Are you trying to salvage an ageing mattress, have you purchased a mattress that turned out to be too firm and need to soften it for comfort?

What is a Hybrid?

In the mattress industry the term “Hybrid Mattress” has gained in popularly over recent years. 

What if I have a Return?

WARRANTY RETURNS ONLY : DIY mattress does not have a easy return policy. We source our components in volume from the #1 suppliers and manufacturers in the world and pass the savings along to you. FACT: The online mattress sellers have generous return policies which are built into the price of each mattress. Thus, you are paying a higher price to cover another customer’s return mattress. 

Can I just call Warren?

Larry and staff look forward to assisting you in your search,and are ready to answer your questions with chat, phone, or Email.