Do you sleep better when you aren’t in your own bed? Do you find yourself tossing and turning, trying to find a more comfortable position? Did you just buy a bed-in-a-box from an online-only company and are having trouble deciding if you should go through the trouble of returning it because it is “ok”, but not great? These are all instances where a latex mattress topper can be the solution to getting a better night of sleep that you are looking for.

Sleep is arguably the most important activity you will do in the next 24 hours. Sleep is so important, that not getting enough of it is dangerous. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute: “Sleep plays an important role in your physical health. For example, sleep is involved in healing and repair of your heart and blood vessels. Ongoing sleep deficiency is linked to an increased risk of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke.” A major source of ongoing sleep deficiency is an uncomfortable sleeping surface. This is why your mattress choice is so important. But mattresses are expensive and finding one that meets your unique sleeping needs can mean a lot of trial and error. So, what if we told you there is an easier way?

A latex mattress topper is a layer of soft, flexible latex foam that can turn your uncomfortable mattress into the perfect mattress. Latex toppers come in various thicknesses and firmness, giving you multiple options for finding that “just right” feeling, leading to better sleep and better health.

Sleeping better isn’t the only major benefit of buying a latex mattress, though it may be the most obvious. Below are the top 8 benefits that we’ve received from our customers over the 40+ years we’ve been selling mattresses and toppers.

  1. Improved Sleep: As your comfort increases, so does the chance of you getting a better night of sleep. A topper won’t correct an extremely old and worn out mattress, but it can make a big difference if your mattresses is still in good shape but just not as comfortable as you’d like. How do you know if your mattress is uncomfortable? If find that you sleep significantly better in hotel rooms or guest rooms when you travel, or if you move around a lot at night, your mattress is likely preventing you from finding your most comfortable position. Your mattress at home could be too firm (you have uncomfortable pressure points) or too soft (you are waking up with backaches). Adding a topper is a quick and easy way to adjust the firmness based on what your body currently needs, which can change with age and lifestyle changes.
  2. Support: A latex mattress topper will provide your body with cradled support, helping you keep proper spinal alignment through the night. Over time, sleeping in poor alignment can lead to long-term issues requiring trips to the chiropractor.
  3. Breathability: If you tend to frequently tear off all the covers in the middle of the night regardless of the temperature you keep your bedroom, it is likely your mattress has extremely little breathability. Memory foam mattresses and hybrid mattresses with densely woven or synthetic mattress covers are known to “sleep hot”. Adding a latex mattress topper to these mattresses will help with breathability so that you can more easily regulate your sleeping temperature. Latex foam is an open-cell structure, meaning it allows for airflow through the material. For maximum breathability, a full latex mattress with a cotton cover is the best option, but a topper will provide some relief and is a great way to diagnose your breathability issue.
  4. Non-toxic: Latex mattress toppers are made entirely from natural raw materials and will not release any harmful toxins into the air over time. Unfortunately, most of the mattress toppers that can be found at big box stores or big mattress brands are made from highly toxic petroleum chemicals, branded as “proprietary memory foam” or other fancy sounding names. The truth is that memory foam is made from petrochemicals and you have the ability to choose whether or not you want your face right against these types of toxins, breathing them in night after night.
  5. Inexpensive: Adding a latex mattress topper to your mattress requires a minimum investment. DIY Mattress toppers start at under $200 for a Queen size. That $200 could quite possibly make your existing bed feel like a million bucks. With free shipping, why not give it a try? This low-risk approach is a great first step in fixing your mattress problem.
  6. Longevity: Latex foam is highly durable and, when encased in a proper mattress topper cover, will last for many years to come. Thanks to latex foam’s superior bounce-back ability, you won’t find the dreaded worn-down dips that you’ll get with other toppers.
  7. The first step to building your new mattress: Purchasing a latex mattress topper from DIY Mattress can save you money in the long run, as it can be your first step in building an entirely new mattress. Many of our customers purchase a latex mattress topper to see what sleeping on latex foam feels like before committing to a complete mattress, so we developed our mattress topper add-on program to make it easy to upgrade your entire mattress.

All of our 100% natural latex mattresses are made by stacking 2-4 latex foam layers within a full-zip mattress cover. After you have purchased your latex mattress topper and decide you want to upsize to a full latex mattress, you simply need to call us to place your order.

By now you can see why a latex mattress topper makes a lot of sense when it comes to improving the comfort of your sleep. Learn more about DIY Mattress’s toppers by visiting our Natural Latex Toppers and Wool-Covered Topper‘s product pages.