Latex foam is a minimally processed material that uses the bare minimum of non-organic compounds in the manufacturing process. The result is a product that has variation from piece to piece and even within the same piece. The latex foam sheets that we use as our latex mattress layers all have some level of variation. These inconsistencies do not affect the layer’s comfort, quality or durability.

As a general rule, latex made using the Dunlop process will have more irregularity than latex made using the Talalay process, which involves greater processing.  Some inconsistencies you might find in latex foam includes:

Discoloration: Latex foam goes through a baking process while in the mold used to form the sheets. This can sometimes leave discolored marks. Latex foam also naturally changes color over time, due to the natural oxidation process.

Small Voids or Uneven Texture: You may notice minor voids or uneven looking texture on the surface of your latex mattress. These cosmetic inconsistencies will not affect the durability of your mattress and are often caused when the foam is removed from the mold or during the cooling process because there are no additional chemical binders being used.

If you receive your latex mattress and want to make sure your product contains only cosmetic defects, please call our customer service department for help. They will gladly accept pictures via email to help alleviate any concerns about the quality of your mattress.

Remember: nothing in nature is without its imperfections – that’s what makes us 100% perfect just the way we are!

Curious about how latex foam sheets are made? We shot this quick video at one of our visits to the Eco Latex plantation. What you’ll see is a foam sheet being released from a mold after it has baked. This natural product is truly hand-made!