About Us

DIYMattress.com is a subsidiary of Wolfe Manufacturing, an Arizona independent mattress manufacturer since 1976. Our family-owned business started in 1976 and we’re now in our 3rd generation as an independent mattress manufacturer. We strongly believe “we’re not good because we’re OLD…we’re old because we’re GOOD.”

A Leading Mattress Manufacturer For Over 44 Years

We have always specialized in the finest mattresses and have been able to deliver top quality at the best prices because we are factory direct with no middleman costs. Our attention to product detail and customer service has resulted in both a loyal customer following over these 44 years and a reputation that we’re very proud of.

We began selling mattresses on the internet in 1998, and, one of the very first companies to offer mattresses shipped nationwide in a box. Since that time we have seen almost 200 bed in a box mattress brands launched, touting their bed is the best for for all.  This soon became apparent not to be true, an many internet mattresses faded in the sunset.

Just as the Bed In a Box concept disrupted the mattress industry we believe the DIY concept will also.  The Do It Yourself, “build your own mattress”, makes sense, not to save the consumer money, but more importantly to create their perfect mattress.