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Build Your Own Mattress- DIY

“Do It Yourself”  Design and build any mattress from our selection of mattress components.


The year 2020 marks the coming of age for the DIY  “Do-It-Yourself” – build your own mattress concept.  It’s been gaining momentum over the last 10 years, but is growing by leaps and bounds this year, as knowledgeable mattress shoppers discover they can build their own mattress for far less than what they pay retail and online.

Saving money is great, but not the main benefit. The biggest benefit is building a superior and more healthy mattress. They discover they can build a mattress that  delivers a healthy sleep environment-built with natural components.  The sellers of Bed In A Box mattresses freely disclose the construction of their mattresses, and with that information the savvy consumer can follow the DIY path.

The missing link has been a source for components necessary to build a mattress.  DIY mattress is that source.  Not only do we make available premium components for mattress building, we also offer you the best guidance we have gained over 42 years of manufacturing mattresses.

DIY  Advantages

Individual Customization

You build your own personalized bed with mattress customized differently for the left side and the right side. Have it your way.

Affiliate Program

Join or affiliate program, and build mattresses for family and friends

Worlds Best-USA Components

We carry the best components from USA companies that have served the mattress industry for the past 75 years.

Save $100’s Even $1000’s

What’s in that $4000 dollar bed? Find out and then build it for $2000.  


100’s Of Mattress Designs

Pick any mattress, identify the parts, buy the parts, and assemble it yourself

Start With One Topper

In many cases we recommend you start with a 3″ topper and stretch cover.  You then add additional toppers-build as you go, and save money. 

Easy To Move

No need to move that 200 pound cumbersome mattress in one piece. You can disassemble and move to another location easily

Use Your Existing Toppers

If you have purchased a topper from some other company, you may incorporate that into your new DIY “Build it Yourself mattress.

3 Basic Designs

Let’s keep it simple by boiling down mattresses to three basic designs.

All Foam Mattress


The most economical way to build a mattress is by using all foam materials. Various types of foams are what 80% of your “bed in a box” mattresses are made.



Most popular by far. The hybrid combines pocket coil spring with latex foam, memory foam, or gel foam. These mattresses provide great breathability and heat dissipation which can cause you to sleep cooler. With latex as the top comfort layer you will get pressure relief enhanced air flow, and a material that contours to your every curve.



Build a 100% all natural mattress with latex, top to bottom, edge to edge by selecting layers of different firmness, and wrapping them in a natural quilted cover. 

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