Two ways to Design your perfect mattress

The basics to help you Design Your Hybrid Mattress Yourself:

We see the term “Hybrid” used in many industries when referring, and describing various products. The meaning of the term varies from industry to industry and the consumer must discern what that term means for any given product. Over the past few years the mattress industry has adopted the term “Hybrid Mattress” but fail to fully explain what that means. In the mattress world there are 2 types of “hybrids”.

  1. Pocketed coil springs as support component, combined with various poly-foams as the top comfort layer, which can also includ natural latex. Latex is in a category by itself. It can be used as a support component and as a comfort layer.
  2. High Density foam as support component, combined with natural latex as the top comfort layer.

Here at DIY Mattress we keep it simple, but at the same time giving you the ability to build a mattress similar to 100’s of mattresses sold online or in stores. Our basic components are 6″ pocket coils, 6″ High Density foam, Talalay latex, dunlop natural latex, and natural quilted cotton cover to encase your components. We use one zipper quilted cover for all mattresses.  After you choose your mattress size, you build your mattress in 3 easy steps using the above components.  If you desire an all latex mattress your would use the option “Design a Latex Mattress”

So now, let’s begin. What size mattress would you like to build?

DIY Hybrid

Pre-Built with 6″ pocket coil, 3″ Soft Dunlop latex, Organic cotton Zipper cover

Finished height 10″



Built with 6″ pocket coil, 3″ Soft Dunlop latex, Organic cotton Zipper cover. But you can customize your own mattress by using our 1,2,3 process. All hybrids finish at 10″ height

Additional information


Twin, TXL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King