The basics to help you Design Your Latex Mattress Yourself:

An all latex mattress at DIY Mattress means your mattress will be built with natural latex from top to botton and edge to edge. With us you will have the option of building your mattress with “dunlop” latex,, talalay latex, or a combination of dunlop and talalay. latex.  Unfortunally, it is common to see mattress advertised as latex, but on close inspection, you fine the mattress is using  HD foam as a base with 2″ or 3″ of latex on top. A mattress using a combination of HD foam and latex is a “hybrid” mattress, not a latex mattress, and should properly be called a “hybrid mattress or “hybrid latex mattress” to be less confusing to the consumer.

So now, let’s begin.  What size mattress would you like to build?