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World class manufacturer

Latexco envisions a world where people can dream and enjoy a happy, active, and healthy life.

We believe that our innovative bedding solutions can help bring this world one step closer, as a good night’s sleep makes people happier and healthier. That’s why we focus on innovative bedding solutions and offer quality and service in all our latex, polyurethane, and springs combinations.

House of Comfort as a one-stop-shop for the B2B bedding industry

Today, Latexco US is the only producer of both foam and latex under one roof, including a full-service line of fabrication, lamination, and fulfillment capabilities at two strategic locations (East-West). We produce a large range of high-quality comfort toppers, mattress cores, and pillows developed in an ecologically balanced and sustainable way. We are building a customer-centered company that acts as a one-stop-shop, and creates innovative solutions with a short time to market for the ever-changing bedding industry. Thanks to our continual quest for impeccable quality, our passion for innovation, and our excellent service, we are a world-class player in the industry.

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The patented SonoCore process sets new benchmark standards for latex foam bedding components. Based on radio frequency technology – instead of steam – the latex is vulcanized endogenously. The vulcanization starts at the core of the latex product and gradually goes to the outside. To further improve the SonoCore technology, the entire latex compound formulations were revised and refined. The combination of the new SonoCore process with the groundbreaking compound formulations results in a new, revolutionary latex foam called ‘Pulse’, that excels on all comfort levels. This highly efficient process reduces energy consumption significantly, which proves that Latexco is always on the outlook for corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Pulse is extremely soft and excels on all comfort levels. The revolutionary SonoCore process gives Pulse latex a homogeneous cell structure, which makes it truly unique as a comfort layer. The foam structure promotes an excellent hysteresis and extremely high tensile strength. Moreover, it boosts superior ventilation properties, which ensure a perfectly balanced microclimate and optimized humidity control.

Pulse is available in two blends: 50% natural / 50% synthetic and 100% natural.

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