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Building Your Own Mattress

There are three primary components of any mattress: Support base, comfort layers, and the cover that encases the components. You will build your “all foam mattress by combining layers of various types of foam: high density foam, memory foam, gel foam, and latex. You can then compare it with any mattress on the web, if you know how it is made. The main advantage of doing it yourself (DIY) is the “ZIPPER” cover. You can adjust or customize your mattress by unzipping cover and adding or swapping out different layers of different firmness.

DIY Basics of Building Your Foam Mattress

  1. Select your “Base Foam” which is a 6″ High Density 2lb Certi-Pur foam.
  2. Select Your “Comfort Layers” Your options are:
    • Dunlop Latex 2″ or 3″
    • Talalay Latex 2″ or 3″
    • Talalux Latex 2″ or 3″
    • Memory Foam 3″ 4lb Float
    • Gel Memory Foam 3″ 4lb Float
  3. Select Your Cover. Your cover selection is equal to the combined height of your layers. As example, a 6″ foam base plus a 3″ comfort layer would need a 9: cover to enxlose the two cmponents.

Select each layer and add it to the cart.  As you add each component to the cart, the cart will slide out fo you can see the running total of your selections.  This makes it eay to make changes as you build your mattress.

Step 1: Select Your Support Layer

Your support layers can be 6″ HD Foam or 2 three inch layers of latex.




Step 2: Select Your Comfort Layer

Your comfort layer options are Talalay latex, Dunlop Latex, Talalux latex, Memory foam, Gel Memory foam. All comfort layers are 3″ thick.




Step 3: Select Your Cover

Your cover should equal the height of your support and comfort layers.  As an example, you would select a 9″ cover to encase a 6″ HD Foam support base with a 3″ foam or latex comfort layer.




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