DIY Mattress Makeover

The purpose of this page is to bring together content and sources I used to create the existing website. I feel it is difficult for customer to build their own mattress and want to make it easier. Currently they must select each component from dropdown menus.

In addition I have created content that may not appear on website, such as my DIY Matress Video script. I have included some websites that have good content which we can rework in our own words.

Links to Websites I used for DIY concept on my 2 websites. and I have use two different methods for customers to build their own mattress, but would like to come up with simplified process that would first be used for but could also be adapted for the site. If we are successful on DIYMattress I may drop it from LMF.

Currently I am using LatexMattressBuyersGuide to drive traffic to SleepEZ, and LatexMattressFactory (which also promotes the DIY concept.  I am fearful of advertising the site because it would eat into the sales of SEZ and LMF. When we finish with the makeover I will promote from a different direction.

Links Used to Create Step by Step Buying process:

  •  How to build a DIY Mattress Steps. Built in wordpress. Notice how the Table of Contents menu slides out as you scroll down the page.

Companies Promoting the DIY Mattress Concept

  1. DIYMattress.Net
    1. Pocket coil
    2. Latex
    3. Foam
    4. Bamboo Cover
    1. Natural components with video
  3. by Lee Carter of Sleep Essentials
    1. Build Your Own Mattress 2020 Complete Mattress Education video on building your own mattress-info last 2 minutes is very important as he says-never stack firm on top of soft (hammock effect).  In this video he discusses July 2007 federal FR law and the chemical list of what is used to pass the FR laws.
    2. Build Your Own Mattress Arrangement Recommendations VIDEO on Dec 2018. Shows how to arrange 3 latex layers of different firmness.
    3. Build Your Own Mattress Build Your Own Mattress Comfort Assurance Policy video Dec 2018 on return policy and what the BedinBox companies are doing.
    4. Build Your Own Mattress Warranty video Dec 2018
    5. Build Your Own Mattress Bamboo Cover video Jan 2019
    6. 2019 Adjustable Bed Video Nov 2018 Views as of 3-15-20    261,067 views
    7. Latex Mattresses- Talalay vs Dunlop, Natural vs Synthetic video
    8. Antimony in Big Brand Mattress Making People Very Sick Apr 2016
    9. Toxic Chemicals in New Mattresses video May 3, 2013 8,700 views (Mar 2020)
    10. Get Rich Quick Online Only Mattress Companies and My Pillow video. He opens a MyPillow and compares to Shredded latex that you can’t wash. MyPillow cost $3.00 . This video has talks about marketing lawsuits.
  4. -Article written in 2016 promoting DIY Natural Mattress. This is a review site using Share A Sale and has a Top 10 page . Check out this home page and then the link for Best Mattresses 2020. The home page uses the statement “ a list of TOP 10 Mattresses of 2020, one of which should definitely match all the right features you need.  Very important to ask customer what FEATURES are important to them- present them with a list to identify their needs, and then show them the best product.
  5.  also has
  6.  This site appeared in May 2020 attempting to raise money.  They are still in limbo.
  7. Latexpedic in Burbank, CA
  8.                                      Takes you to
  9. Is available as a premium domain for $2188
  10. Website up. Phone going elsewhere. Reg 2000 , expires 2022
  11. Name is parked with page generating adsense revenue
  12. DoItYourselfMattress This is a parked domain at GoDaddy
  13. They are changing their name to Sleep Outfitters!
  14. Promoting the PalmPring Organic Mattress

DIY Mattress Video Script

We got to keep this as simple as possible in showing you how to build your own mattress. We know there’s a lot of confusion out there, with thousands of different mattresses, with different components, and different covers, all enclosed so you can’t see what’s inside of them.

At DIY we show you how to build a generic mattress that will replicate the feel of any mattress, by using the same basic components. It will not be a copy, but will be our generic version, and will feel so similar, it will be hard to differentiate.

But the 2 most important facts are:

  1. It will be built from the highest quality components manufactured in the US
  2. It will save you 100’s or in some cases 1000’s of dollars

So let’s get started.

For this video we will work with smaller samples for ease of demonstration.

The construction of all mattresses is made up of three basic components: (1 ) support component, (2) comfort layers, and (3) the cover or encasement that surrounds and holds the support and comfort layers.

It is as simple as that. So why is it so complicated? It is complicated because the mattress industry is highly competitive, and each company must differentiate themselves from all others by touting some minor difference that will make them the best choice for a particular consumer.

Let us start with our first component, the support layer which can be narrowed down to four (4) different types.

  1. Polyurethane foam, all man made with hundreds of different densities and firmness
  2. Metal coil springs-mainly found in lower cost mattresses-or mattresses that are very firm.
  3. Pocket coil springs, with each spring individually encased in fabric. These coils are superior in many ways:
    1. Reduced motion transfer
    2. Increased individual comfort by contouring more to your body
    3. Designed to work with Adjustable foundation
    4. Designed to be compressed and shipped in a box, without structural harm.
    5. Increased edge support to expand sleeping surface
  4. Latex Natural Rubber

 We’re going to narrow this thing down in order to keep it simple with three basic support options. The first and most common would be an all would be a foam option polyurethane foam. II would be a coil support layer and that coiled support layer could be either a pocketed coil or a standard innerspring what you find in most of your mattresses. Nowadays. The pocketed coil is the most used spring and your higher in mattresses because it 11th eliminates motion movement and better Contours weather individual coils to each person. The third support layer would be a latex layer in most cases you’re going to build any cases of where your building in the hall latex mattress so naturally the support layer the bottom layer would be all latex and then you would add other layers of latex on top of hat with different firmness has to create a feel and support specifically for an individual.

The third component that we need to complete our do-it-yourself mattress is the cover the encasement that in cases your other components the support layer and the Comfort layers it’s a simple as that three components support Comfort layers in case cover. comfort laymattress is going to be a support component

Comfort layers that they put on top of support and then the third element is the encasement the cover the ticking the Quilted either quilted or non quilt so I’m going to run you through our components and how you can easily replicate any math the feel of any mattress you see in the marketplace is it going to be the exact feel no it’s not because there may be one small thing that is not excluded and the materials although they are the finest materials that that come from the most respected us suppliers they vary in name and and performance

So now that we have identified the three basic components for any do-it-yourself mattress let’s go ahead and construct 3 models and it won’t take long it can be done very quickly. The first would be a phone base with additional phone layers on top UK stomach cover so here we have the phone base now we’re going to put different layers of foam on top of this base the support layer and we’re going to zip up B cover

And there you have it a mattress and all fall at foam mattress with base foam and then layers of foam on top which is a replication hundreds of mattresses in the marketplace that go by various names and with a different cover on it a thin cover not a quilted cover or quilted cover so there’s evasive hanging that how many mattresses you can name Nana quilted mattresses could be the the the bear mattress the puffy mattress the nectar mattress the list goes on and on they’re completely sewing up the layers are glued together inside and it delivers one particular feel for each mattress it doesn’t those mattresses do not have the benefit have a zipper cover have a cover that can be unzipped and the layers either exchange replaced or rearranged and their stacking position to deliver a different feel or comfort for an end to any individual

So now Alice used model number 2 using pocket coil as the support layer the same scenario guess the difference support layers the pocketed coil on top of the picat a coil we put foam end of polyurethane foam or latex foam in order to get a more natural and longer-lasting feel and now we zip up the cover and there you have it another generic replication replicate replicate replica several hundred of the mattresses that you see in the marketplace again the difference is you have a cover and a luxury cover that you can unzip and change the feel of the mattress if you feel that you made a mistake or if you want to tweak it quickly or down the road.

The third model will be and all latex mattress and in this case the support layer will be all latex in the case of our demonstration we’re going to use a 3-inch layer of latex but in many cases a 6 inch solid layer latex is used as a support level we’re going to use a 3in because that gives us the ability do you have additional layers of equal thickness but different firmness so that we take our Firm support layer and then on top of that we put a 3-inch layer of latex that is not quite as firm a different firmness and then on top of that we put another layer of latex that indeed has a softer firmness and we put it in a cover we bring our cover up and we end zip it and weed zip it up now we have an all latex mattress which you can unzip and exchange the layers or restack the layers to get your own individual feel this is the one of the most the most Superior qualys in a do-it-yourself mattress the ability to make an adjustment either within the first 30 days or 6 months or two years down the road with your conventional mattresses that are zipped up or a fully-enclosed you do not have that luxury.

So there you have it 3 mattress models with different support components different Comfort components encased in a cover that we’ve chosen because it’s all natural qualities I hope this is shed some light on building a mattress and demonstrated how easily it is done we have a list of mattresses if you go to our bed beds in a box list alphabetical list that is and select any mattress that you see out there that is highly advertised and then go build our generic mattress with the same components basic components that is that make up that mattress. Remember that our components and 99% of the time are going to be the same components hey you fine in the major mattresses because of our suppliers are their suppliers. The new paragraph

We selected our components based upon his durability as well as his functionality and the comfort that it will deliver in addition and when you build your own mattress you can always build it for two people so that the left side can be different than the right side in order to satisfy the and unique comfort requirements of each individual. Or in order to deliver to eat individual there on unique comfort results or desires.